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Bengaluru Laughter Carnival - BLC

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 Click here to buy tickets

When & Where:
6.30 PM, Sunday, May 6th, 2018
Rangasthala Auditorium, Rangoli Metro Art Centre, MG Road, Bengaluru

PunchTantraa Presents Bengaluru Laughter Carnival - A dash of Improv 

 Say Yes and you will figure out the rest later... Is your mind baffled with questions about what this show is, is it gonna be funny, how do they perform, will they give snacks, is there an interval etc.... DUH... Just say YES AND everything else shall unfold. A one of a kind show where you would be part of the stage in every stage... You would give inputs and the super funny, super seasoned improvisers would create a gripping scene based on your suggestions... Guess what you get to even name the show... Can you imagine... No Script, No Preparation yet the most funniest stories unveil... Are you ready for a DASH of Improv.. Come book your tickets for our 186th show...

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If I sit in the front row, will I be brought up on stage and embarrassed?

Absolutely not! Sometimes the improv players will as for audience participation and we go out of our way to make sure that the person has fun with us. Usually we just want you to give a suggestion to start a scene or share a story that will inspire the improv.


Is this show appropriate for children?

Everyone is free to determine what is appropriate for their own children. Because the shows are unscripted, we won’t know if there will be any characters (or audience members) who curse or have unseemly behavior. We do aim to perform our shows at the top of our intelligence and avoid crude humor and easy jokes.


Are there reduced priced tickets for children, seniors, or students?

We do not have any reduced prices at the door, however, we regularly post discounts on advanced tickets on Book My Show. We do charge admission for all children, no matter how young, no matter if they are a babe in a lap. If your child will be unable to sit quietly for a 2 hour show (without intermission), we recommend leaving the child in the care of a baby-sitter.


For any queries, please reach us by any of the following means:

Email:                      reachus@punchtantraa.com
Phone                   Kishore - 9108181651
Facebook:               www.facebook.com/PunchTantraa


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