Who we are?

PunchTantraa is one of a kind collaboration of diversely talented individuals who aim at spreading Laughter through a unique and unconventional art form - Radical Mime.

Having kick-started this rather bizarre concept , gradually thoughts turned into ideas, ideas to actions and actions to over-actions (we strictly believe in exaggerating!). Today after numerous Public and Corporate shows PunchTantraa stands as India’s first registered professional Radical Mime Team entertaining people by the day!

Apart from being extremely witty, creative and consistent with our performances, PunchTantraa strongly believes in clean non-vulgar humor. A challenge by itself, we take this one step ahead and impart socially sensitive messages via our acts of laughter. What best to wrap some wisdom under a blanket of humor!


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What we do? – Radical Mime

Mime because actors emote only via expressions and gestures that are deftly synchronized with the voices and noises produced by the ‘narrator’, live! Radical because it is Radical in every sense of the word! It deviates from orthodox theatre which commonly involves an actor(s)-dialogues-props scenario and ‘radically’ transcends towards innovation, out of the box thinking, breath taking formations and a huge bunch of creatively inclined unconventional theatrical tit-bits. To top it all, the only prop ever used in such acts is imagination!

A typical Radical Mime performance comprises of acts that spend no or minimal time to set a context, plunge into the main theme and soon after that, the climax and in a flash jump into the next act – phew! Its sheer pace and imaginative constructs make it an apt form of entertainment for today’s fast paced lifestyles. In short, we can say - what Twenty 20 is for Cricket, Radical Mime is for Theatre and within that - Comedy is our forte.

PunchTantraa specializes in a few variants of Radical Mime namely Mad Ads, Movie Spoof, Mime and a few off beat variations of the same encompassed by a common theme.



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What is Mad Ads?

Mad-Ads is the process of picking a popular Ad, making a few changes to the idea, while ensuring the basic crux of the Ad remains the same and giving it a funny twist so that the entire Ad becomes humorous. This is the most popular and commonly performed variant of Radical Mime.

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What are Movie Spoofs?

Movie Spoofs are ‘remakes’ of a popular movie that are enacted out in the funniest way possible, ensuring that the essence of the movie is retained and the climax is totally spiced up. Movie spoofs when rendered on stage via Radical Mime ensures that the audiences are kept captivated as every scene is a mental renaissance of the original, with a pinch of fresh humor of course!


About Us - Movie Spoof - Titanic

What is Mime?

Mime acts portray a series of stories where actors emote by proficiently using facial expressions, gestures and postures. The ‘narrator’ is replaced by live/recorded music. Makeup and costumes enhances the overall effect of the act.

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